About A&D Docs @ Home
We are the doctor's office at your door! Our mission at A&D Docs @ home is to provide exceptional care by bringing compassionate doctors and other medical professionals directly to your door. We strive to exceed the expectations of everyone involved in the coordination of care - most especially the patient. We bring doctors to your home Our experienced staff works with you to provide diagnostic and evaluation services to ensure that you receive the best quality care for your medical condition. We help to keep you where you want to be, wherever you call home. By utilizing our medical professionals, you can improve your health and quality of life without the difficulty and extraordinary physical challenges of leaving your home. Our mobile diagnostic and treatment technology allows us to efficiently and effectively treat you in the privacy of your home. High tech mobility We use state-of-the-art mobile medical technology to ensure your condition is evaluated, diagnosed and medically treated - without the difficulty of leaving your home.
  • Primary Care

    A&D Docs @ home fulfills the role of a primary care physician as our medical providers are highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of homebound, critically complex and geriatric patients. With regular physician home visits, medication management, and care coordination, we work to improve the health of our patients.

  • Transitional Care

    We provide house calls for patients transitioning between different levels of medical care. By providing transitional care to high-risk patients, A&D Docs @ home works to reduce the risk of re-hospitalization. A&D Docs @ home can also assist as a care provider for patients who require high level critical healthcare management for any given period of time. When appropriate, we work to ensure coordination of care with your doctor as consultative support.

  • Coordination of Care

    By fulfilling the role of a primary care physician, A&D Docs @ home coordinates patient care with other health care providers. We work diligently to decrease unnecessary visits to the emergency room and re-hospitalizations.

    Services we help coordinate:

    • Diagnostic testing
    • Durable medical equipment
    • Home health
    • Hospice
    • Laboratory services
    • Referrals to needed specialists